Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Busy busy busy

For the five people who regularly follow this blog, you probably noticed that it's been a while since I've made a new post. Good reason -- I've been incredibly busy since late November into December. Now it's the holiday season and I'm taking a break well into the new year. I figured I should post now just so people know I'm alive. I should warn however that I may not be able to make as many posts at least for the foreseeable future (next six months or so) as I have a lot of responsibilities ahead of me. I will indeed post topics I think are of importance though. Whether that's the ground breaking of a new construction project, the completion of one, news surrounding the Title 21 building and zoning codes, as well as any relevant urban related news in the lower 48 and/or around the world, I'll be sure to make the time as best I can to post it. Until then, have a happy new year, everyone.


Keegan said...

Thanks so much for the time you do put into this blog. It's a great glimpse into what's going on in my former home!

Scott, no nickname, just Scott said...

There has to be more than five of us.

marcus said...

thanks guys. It's really good to have feedback.