Saturday, November 19, 2011

Downtown Anchorage Throwback

If you hadn't known yet, film crews have recently been scurrying around Anchorage shooting scenes for the movie 'The Frozen Ground' (at least that's what its called as of now) which will star Vanessa Hudgens, 50-Cent, John Cusack, and Nicolas Cage. On-location production actually should have wrapped up yesterday, but I can't say for sure. Whatever the case, film crews were spotted shooting at Merrill Field, Muldoon, Ship Creek, and a handful of other places while I myself ran into them in Spenard (where they revived PJ's for a night), and on 3rd Avenue just last night. Their most amusing shoot by far had to be on 5th and 4th Avenues. 5th Avenue was closed from 6pm to 10am Saturday morning as they took a portion of 5th Avenue back in time to the wild west days of Anchorage circa early 1980s when Downtown was a seedy haven of vice complete with strip clubs, massage parlors, and rowdy bars filled with men who just came back from the Slope. I sadly couldn't be there to see the shoot, but luckily we got the internetz to provide us with video:

What's funny is that while the surrounding business were turned into seedy 80s era establishments, the Polar Bar remained just as it is.

BTW for those wanting to get their retro Anchorage fix, there is a great website featuring 70s and 80s era pics of Anchorage by who I think is a UAF professor. His old Seattle pics are simply amazing as they have a lot more people and street scenes that really speak of the time. I highly recommend visiting that as well.

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