Saturday, January 17, 2009

Greatest bicycle accessory ever invented?

Well they sure beat those little reflective placards. Behold the "LightLane". Indeed I will probably be retired or dead by the time Anchorage has the same amount of bicycle lanes as Den Haag in the Netherlands, but as you can see, the LightLane is your own personal bicycle lane that will go wherever you go despite the city you live in being absent of such lanes. Unfortunently of course, riding during daylight in a city empty of bike lanes will remain another story. BTW the LightLane was thought up by Altitude Inc.. As of now, there is no actual prototype in existance so far. Somebody better develop this thing fast though!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Freeze Project

This weekend saw the opening to the Freeze art project over at the Delaney Park Strip, Elderberry Park, and the Museum. From what I've heard, the installations will be in place until sometime in early February. Obviously the city is experiencing the worst of winter in decades, but man up! ...I actually had to return home and pick up gloves before returning to the Park Strip on Saturday afternoon. Still, it's worth it as it exceeded my expectations and I'm sure you'll be glad you went as well. By the way, the project besides including many artists from around the world also includes numerous architects, many of those architects being from our own Anchor-town. Info on the specific works along with info on just who are these people behind 'Freeze' can be found at the official site -

BTW, I don't wanna give away why people are entering that snow fortress on the above photo, so I'll just say it's worth seeing what's in there for yourself *wink wink*.

*edit* Well with our high temps in the 40s and southern winds from the Pacific invading town, you better get down to see Freeze before it melts away!

PDF map of Freeze.