Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jerry Prevo wants to build the world's tallest cross in Anchorage

You read it right. Though the idea isn't serious right now, Pastor Jerry Prevo is currently seeking approval from the FAA to build a 230 foot tall cross on his property that would tower over East Anchorage and become purportedly the worlds tallest cross. If built, the cross would be taller than all office buildings in Midtown with only the Anchorage Hilton, ConocoPhillips, and Atwood Building, all in Downtown, being taller.

I personally have a hard time imagining such a structure surviving past planning and zoning at its current height, especially as Prevo's Anchorage Baptist Temple sits in a residential area. A few years ago nearby residents were complaining loudly about the monster cable poles that now run up and down Northern Lights Boulevard toward Muldoon. Most Anchorage residents may be Christian, but you don't want to feel their wrath when you propose a 230-foot pole -- cross or not. Even much shorter cell phone towers spark controversy when they go up in Anchorage neighborhoods. But of course in Dan Coffey's Anchorage, this issue of zoning would be a non-issue and thus the cross would pass the zoning board with flying colors (while skipping the public hearing, of course). Jerry Prevo says he hasn't even looked into whether such a project is feasible, but seeing as how he has plenty of money to throw into the bigoted No on 5 campaign, I'm sure he'll find a way to allocate funding. Seriously, I thought the tale of Big Butter Jesus had already taught us what happens when you make giant  tacky religious icons for your god. And wasn't one of the reasons for the Reformation due to the worship of icons by the Catholic Church? All I can say is that I would be sooo embarrassed for Anchorage if this monstrosity of epic proportions goes up -- especially under the orders of such a hateful man like Jerry Prevo.

Anyways here's the article by Channel 2's Christine Kim:

Anchorage Baptist Temple Plans to Build 230-foot-tall Cross