Saturday, June 23, 2012

Augustine Tower no more

Replacing the image of the proposed tower
Symbolizing the toll that the Great Recession has taken, the lease sign advertising the Augustine Energy Center in Downtown Anchorage has been taken down after four years. It has been replaced with a generic sign from the developer advertising the fact that just about anything can be built on the site now. It is officially the tower that never was. The Augustine Energy Center was to be a 21 story tower built on the corner of 6th and G which is currently a parking lot and formerly the home of the Alaska Experience Theater (as noted in the previous post). In fact it's safe to say the theater was knocked down back in 2007 in anticipation that the tower will soon be built while a surface parking lot would serve as a temporary fix. Those mid-2000's were good economic times after all, but the Augustine Center had the misfortune of having its blueprints drawn on the eve of economic destruction. Now I can't personally say that the economy is the sole reason for Pfeffer Development to pull the proposed tower, but being that this project surfaced in 2008 of all years, c'mon... Augustine Center was not the only project in Downtown to have construction be eminent back in 2008.

artist rendering of the building