Saturday, September 13, 2014

Loussac secures funding, renovation gets the green light

RIM Architects rendering

Local media is reporting that the Loussac Library in Midtown will go forward with renovation construction in the spring of 2015 thanks in part to a $10 million grant from the Alaska Legislature made during the recent session. Combined with other funds, the library has $15 million total to make the project go forward. Staff at the library have been seeking since 2007 to replace the elevated plaza due to the treacherous stairs that get icy in the winter. I've known their concerns myself for I had previously talked about this back in 2009. Besides eradicating the elevated space, another desire was to get rid of the road that goes through the library (and for which the plaza acted as a bridge so people didn't have to cross the road). Without an elevated space, I think it makes sense to lose the thru-road. You may have remembered that the library had its renovation project on the ballot in this April's election, however the prop lost by a razor thin margin. Many blame the fact that the library's renovation wishes shared the same prop which also called for a new Mulchahey Stadium and improvements to the city's golf course in South Anchorage. Not many were sympathetic to a new baseball stadium and better golf course, and for that, I don't blame voters. Here's a short list of the new features to come with the renovation.