Saturday, March 20, 2010

People Mover device gets the green light

Earlier last month the ADN reported on an idea proposed by Mayor Dan Sullivan in which People Mover buses would be equipped with devices that would allow buses to get through red light traffic. Already in use in other cities in the Lower 48, People Mover buses would use the same technology used by emergency vehicles so as to get passengers to their destinations faster via extending green lights or turning red lights to green. I decided not to bother posting the article here for the cynic in me thought this proposal wouldn't fly. Sure it was the Mayor himself proposing the idea along with a transit friendly Assembly majority, but I suspected that Assembly members would feel the wrath from backwards constituents and be pressured to vote no. Instead, the Assembly voted unanimously in favor of it! Starting next week, two bus routes will begin a one year trial period with results to be reported roughly a year from now. Read the article here.