Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anchorage Museum

For the sake of archiving (why else do I have a blog?), I figured I should acknowledge the fact that construction on the new museum has finally come to a conclusion a couple months ago complete with the ribbon cutting ceremony, public officials, and a fresh new exhibition on hand on opening day. The museum, particularly the exterior, is gorgeous especially when heading east down 6th avenue with its transparent facade and unique shape giving it the appearance that it's constantly in motion as you pass by it. Inside, the museum's new wing includes beefed up security and modern air temperature systems which besides allowing Anchorage to catch up to other museums, also allows it to carry more major exhibitions. I think it's later this year (or maybe next) that works from Andy Warhol will be on display (a must go), while before that there will be a showcase of ...Star Wars props *sigh*

It was the Anchorage Press that reminded me that I should post about the museum as they have recently reported on the birch trees now being planted in the yet to be finished park in front of the building. In addition, sidewalks have been widened dramatically and a stop light has been added nearby where cars previously had gone 45 mph without stopping until four blocks down. Word is the bus stop that sits in front of the future park will also get a major upgrade. Meanwhile on the other side of the museum, a curious looking windowless cube has been built (it's actually been there for almost a year now) which will house a planetarium. It's far from looking as cool as Upper Manhattan's Hayden Planetarium, but eh, whatev. One last tidbit -- the museum has apparently gone through a name change as brochures and other marketing material along with the front exterior simply say "Anchorage Museum" rather than the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. I approve.

Here's a link to another blog from someone who took plenty of interior shots along with his own reviews on the new wing.