Monday, January 16, 2012

New Years Update

Happy New Years to everyone. I've been wanting to post this article from The Atlantic which covers the topic of how Tea Party members have been wreaking havoc at urban planning meetings across the country. I'm reminded of a similar case here in Anchorage in which the local Tea Party group, led by talk radio host Eddie Burke, held a discussion late last year on how the new Title 21 codes would further suffocate their freedom or whatever. The scary part was that the moronic Dan Coffey was the guest who was in the position of defending the codes. You know you're city's building codes are in trouble when they are defended by... well yeah.

Anyways, I also thought I'd post the latest from the newest project going up in Midtown. Located on C Street near Walmart, this three storey office quickly rose up late in December causing it to just miss my last construction rundown. No tenants have been cited yet. [Update] Yes, we do know the tenants! The building will be occupied by both ReMax and Dynamic Properties. I suppose they will play a location compliment to their next door neighbor Residential Mortgage, which is also in a three story building located a stones throw away.