Friday, February 27, 2009

Clash over the People Mover

As you may have heard, acting mayor Matt Claman recently took the red pen to the People Mover and ended two bus routes serving Eagle River as well as end bus service on three days of the week that receive low ridership. Well this Tuesday saw the Assembly pass a resolution by a 9 to 1 vote disagreeing with Claman's cuts to the bus service. Unfortunately the mayors office is not required to obey the resolution and will therefore mean the resolution is nothing more than a letter written by the Assembly about how upset they are with him (yep, just got a Team America World Police quote in).

Anyways fast forward to today and Mr. Claman meets with UAA students in charge of a climate change panel that crafted a report on how the city should best take on the crisis of climate change. According to KTUU, one of the recommendations that was made is to "fully fund and expand the People Mover bus service as outlined in the city's long-range transportation plan". Ouch! It is indeed true though that the citys transportation plan is consistant with this recommendation as is Title 21 and its design codes that presume better bus services to conform with its rewritten standards.

...Clamans cuts to the People Mover are expected to remain..