Friday, December 21, 2012

Spenard adopts 2 lane plan

Spenard Road
Read all about it here. While the ADN refers to the plan as 3 lanes, it's really just two for the center turn lane really shouldn't be counted as a travel lane. For a neighborhood that likes to talk up its progressive credentials as a forward looking neighborhood, it's nice to see Spenard finally join the 21st century. Unlike bohemian neighborhoods in cities in the Lower 48, it's hard to take Spenard seriously when considering that it is surrounded by traffic going at 45 mph while the commercial heart of the hood is a strip mall surrounded by a sea of asphalt that is almost always packed with cars. And to top it off, much of the business community fought hard for many years against making the road safe for bicyclists and pedestrians. 'Embarrassing' would be my word to describe the current state of Spenard. Hopefully this is the start of more dramatic changes to come in the next several years.

btw while we're at it, here's a look back at a quick concept I drew up for Spenard a couple years ago.