Sunday, August 9, 2015

ANMC Patient Housing under way

the parking garage is on the right 
Remember back in January when I posted about a new parking garage rising behind the Alaska Native Medical Center? It was quite odd because the garage was sort of isolated from everything else. Usually if there's a garage, there is a skybridge or a building connected to it. Well turns out this particular garage is no exception for it is part of a much grander plan for ANMC. Thanks to a tip from a PR person at Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, the garage is to be attached to a six story patient housing complex. A skybridge will connect to the main hospital. This isn't too surprising to hear as more than half of the patients coming to ANMC are from outside of Anchorage. There was also mumbling over a year ago about some sort of 'hotel' going up on campus, so this appears to be it. For a patient housing complex, the place is situated in a nice location as that immediate area is kind of low key with little traffic and a forest right behind it. I should know these things, but I wanna say there's also a lake in said forest. Architecturally, the housing complex is marvelous. I think modern "native architecture" has come a long way from the days when the main hospital was built in the late 1990s. To have the main hospital and this new patient housing sit across from each other will make for quite a contrast. And lets give a shoutout to that garage. Lately, garages built in Anchorage have included some sort of facade to cover up the structure itself (see the Pacillo garage downtown, 188 WNL in midtown). But dare I say, this might be the best executed garage wrapping I've seen so far.