Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fire Island Bakery plans second location

Fire Island Rustic Bakery
Fire Island Bakery has announced that it is going to open a second location in the Airport Heights neighborhood in East Anchorage. The bakery has a loyal following, so it has a bit of the "Moose's Tooth element", except I'm pretty sure it is not as well known as the Midtown pizza place. One reason for this may be that Fire Island Bakery is not located on a commercially zoned thoroughfare inside a 1970s era strip mall. In fact you have to go pretty out of your way to get to the bakery as its located in the heart of the leafy South Addition neighborhood just south of Downtown. And for that reason, I love this place. Obviously there are not many neighborhoods that have a commercial business tucked inside it, but more emphasis on mixed-use zoning in the new city building codes is changing that as can be seen with the Rustic Goat restaurant that opened in West Anchorage a couple years ago. Anyways, Fire Island's Airport Heights Bakery is expected to possibly be open as soon as this summer and like its original downtown location, will cater to neighborhood residents.