Saturday, April 28, 2012

For the Love of Anchorage

Peter Kageyama, author of the book "For the Love of Cities", visited Anchorage and spoke to an AEDC workshop earlier this year about how ordinary citizens can take steps to make their city a truly great place. His lecture was recorded for the KSKA program 'Addressing Alaskans', which can now be heard online. Kageyama notes that making a city appealing through lower taxes and such is only a one dimensional approach and that more has to be done if it is to catch the eye of investors and others who are considering calling Anchorage home. An approach that is all encompassing and gives high priority to place making, walkability, bicycle friendliness, and civic engagement, among other things, are key to the well-being of a city both economically and socially. I want to thank Kristin Spack of KSKA for her quick response when I contacted her about the podcast of the show not being up on the stations website. It is now up and can be listened to online here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ballfields to be bulldozed for Sullivan parking

Speaking of arena's...

a snippet from the ADN article:

"The two fields closest to 16th Avenue will give way to about 800 new parking spots, adding to the 1,600 the city says are already there. 

A lighted walkway between Mulcahy Stadium and Anchorage Football Stadium will be built to connect the new parking lot to the arena".

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