Friday, May 23, 2008

Full steam ahead for F Street this weekend

The F Street Connectivity Project, which started on May 1st, is set to go under full construction mode this Memorial Day Weekend as 6th Avenue from G Street to C Street will be closed off to vehicular traffic. A separate project by the Alaska DOT will occur simultaneously between D and C Street, hence the long stretch of 6th Avenue being shut down. The F Street Connectivity Project will revamp F Street with the addition of new brick patterns both on the sidewalk and roadway, wider sidewalks, and pedestrian-friendly bottle neck intersections for both F and 6th, and F and 7th. The Town Square Donor Bricks presently lying in the affected area of this weekends construction will be removed and returned to Town Square at a later date. Stephans Fine Arts Gallery and Sub Zero Microlounge will remain open this weekend with pedestrian access remaining available to both sites. Alaska Gourmet Subs will also stay open with pedestrian access available from the City Hall parking lot.

F Street Connectivity Project blue print (PDF)

Official road closure notice

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