Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alaska gas average highest in the nation

Well who didn't see this coming? According to AAA, Alaska is number one when it comes to the highest average price for gas in the nation at just over 4 bucks a gallon. As of today, is reporting the highest price being in Wasilla at 3.96 while the ADN reported a couple days ago that the average for Anchorage was in the ballpark of around 3.89.

You know... I actually am somewhat surprised that Alaska now leads the nation in gas prices. For a while it seemed the bay area of California was leading the way while a couple years ago Georgia drivers were putting up with eight dollars a gallon for a brief period. As a born and raised Alaskan, I guess the mindset of immunity from troubles in the lower 48 are no longer a dream.

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Oats said... says it is C$1.339/L in Thunder Bay, which is US$5.09/Gallon. :)