Saturday, June 14, 2008

Begich and Menard agree to create transit authority

For a while the Alaska Railroad has been saying they have been improving the tracks between the valley and Anchorage and that all that is needed is a regional transit authority to take it from there. Well, as of Friday, we got one in the works. Yesterday the mayors of both areas of South Central signed an agreement creating a transit authority with the hopes that commuter rail will become a possibility as soon as perhaps two or even 1 year (at least Begich seems more optimistic about it happening sooner). What does this mean for valley commuters? The answer is obvious. With gas prices according to one source only expected to fall back to 3.92 a gallon into 2009, the long waiting list for the MASCOT valley service into Anchorage will probably see major relief once the rail comes online. Great, great news fo sure.

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In sorta related news, new assembly members with seats at AMATS are skeptical about KABATA's legitimacy on undertaking the Knik Arm Bridge project. No surprise. With the organization losing George Wuerch and its deputy director while also coming under criticism from Palin in terms of its budget handling, we could see a dead fish in the water.

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