Thursday, August 7, 2008

New development proposed for 6th and E

So I come back from a break in Europe to find out some developers are eyeing major opportunity now that the E Street Corridor project is under way. I say great! Judging by the sketch, I think the building looks gorgeous as it fits in nicely with its neighbors in terms of scale in the Town Square area. Also proof that not all new developments in downtown have to be "the new tallest in the city".

Now should the Town Square Center and the Augustine Energy Center (just two blocks away) rise from the ground simultaneously in 2009, I can't think of a better message to send that downtown is back. It's one thing to have great civic projects such as the new museum and convention center that invest in the city, but it's another should outstanding private developments such as the Town Square Center become reality. I think it's the private developments that really showoff downtowns viability to compete with Midtown.


archival_quality said...
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archival_quality said...

That looks fantastic and it will fill some space that is horribly misused at present. It's just too bad that it will end up covering that Wyland mural.