Monday, September 1, 2008

E Street, F Street projects coming along

Besides the Dena'ina Convention Center, and the Pacillo parking garage receiving its finishing touches, the E Street Corridor Project and the F Street Connectivity Project are impressively coming along faster than I had personally thought they would. Not that either project was expected to replicate the disastrous Arctic Boulevard rehab of 2006-2007, but I'm quite surprised with F Street in particular. While E Street is still nowhere near completion and will easily go into the 2009 construction season, F Street is looking like it will be open for traffic at any day now. Sure, unlike Arctic Blvd., only a short quiet stretch of F Street is getting reconstructed, but still, just 3 months ago there was a gaping hole in front of the Sub Zero bar. With that -- and the fact that F Street, like E Street, is to replace its asphalt with bricks, I was expecting construction to move into 2009. But now by the looks of it, F Street could be open by the time the Dena'ina Center opens in mid-September. Meanwhile, E Street is at, I'd say maybe 5% completion. 6th Avenue between G and D was totally shutdown this weekend as work crews tore up the intersection of 6th and E. Surely many of you on the road this weekend found out the hard way.

F Street near completion, Raised intersection at 5th and E nearly complete, plant foundation

blueprint of the E Street plans (PDF)

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