Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boston Globe reports on Palin's anti-planning record

The Boston Globe just recently published an article on Sarah Palin's stand against development zoning and regulations as mayor of Wasilla -- the latest in a number of nationally syndicated articles to be published on the subject since Governor Palin received the VP nod by Senator John McCain in late August. The article delves in a bit as to how Palin successfully gouged the Mat-Su Valley's libertarian/conservative emotions which included trumpeting the warning calls of creeping government building regulations that were seen as toxically mixing in with the continued economic growth Wasilla was seeing in the 90s. The article also interviews a local advocate who reveals that two reps with Fred Meyers were laughing in the hallways at a planning meeting as they were amused with how easy they were able to get their company's first store to be built with so little if any revising of their plans.

link to the article:
Anti-zoning key to Palin's early record

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