Monday, October 27, 2008

New People Mover buses roll out

The Alaska Journal of Commerce is reporting on its weekly paper today that the Anchorage People Mover now has 18 new buses on city streets. I personally don't know the make of the current buses, but the new ones are from New Flyer. A look at their website reveals some interesting sleek designs, but I also see some that look exactly like our current regular and DART buses. I guess I'll have to wait and see if any unusual looking People Mover rolls by in the coming days. Either that, or the new buses will be exactly identical to the ones in use since the 90's (hopefully not!). From the Alaska Journal article:

"Each 2008 New Flyer bus is equipped with automatic vehicle locators, passenger counters and computer-aided dispatching. Additional features include larger bike racks to hold three bicycles and a video camera system to enhance passenger safety and security".

Extra: Want to ride the People Mover, but don't know the schedule or map? Click Route Generator

As for the old buses, what will happen to them? Maybe they'll join this flickr pool.

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