Friday, November 28, 2008

Mountain View on the rise

The Alaska Journal of Commerce published a great article this week on the continued revitalization of Mountain View. I don't know if I'd say Mountain View is destined to become the next SoHo as the article seems to imply, but seeing the effort coming from a barrage of local big muscle including the Rasmuson Foundation, JL Properties, Chevron, RIM Architects, etc (along with of course the Muni) does certainly paint a hopeful picture for this true Alaskan neighborhood. New buildings are also discussed in the article including the new Credit Union 1 which broke ground last month along with what looks to be a proposed two story building dedicated to artists or some sort.

While you're at it, here's a great blog dedicated to Mountain View by long time community organizer Clark Yerrington.


clark said...

Hey, TYVM for the plug, my man! There will be some pretty big news about the art center project in the next couple of days. Keep your eyes peeled. I am also working on some 3-D renderings of a neighborhood study group's vision for the future of the business district on Mt View Dr. Will be rolling those images out on the blog in the next few days and hoping to get a good discussion going.
There's a lot of skepticism about all this, maybe not surprisingly. But we're going to prove all those people wrong in the end!

Anchorage Park Foundation said...
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Anchorage Park Foundation said...

Hi Marcus,

Please excuse the very public note, but I couldn't find an email address for you on your blog. I work for Parks & Recreation, and I thought you might be interested in a press event we're conducting tomorrow to release the results of the Anchorage Parks Report Card. It's at Fairview Recreation Center at 12:45. If you send me an email at, I'll send you the full details. Thanks!

Kelly Meeker