Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Independent study: Nearly $700M for Knik Arm Crossing

You may remember awhile ago the state DOT commissioned a consultant independent of KABATA to study the presumably higher amount of money it would cost to go ahead with the Knik Arm Crossing. KABATA put the new cost at around $683 million while this report has it at $686 million and over $800 million should the bridge be expanded from a two lane toll bridge to four lanes. Additonal costs such as construction oversight and other possible factors that could come into play were not included in this new calculation, according to the ADN. Overall, the report stated "The design and construction risks for this project are extraordinarily high," however the report also said success can be achieved if the parties involved in the bridges construction can come up with solutions when it comes to responsibility of handling the project so as to keep it above water.


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