Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prop 6 Passes

Just found out tonight while watching Channel 2 that Prop 6, the transportation and safety bond, extended its lead during the absentee count earlier today and has officially passed with a margin of 352 votes. As you may have heard, the bond was the closest race in this April's Muni election in which the yes vote was at one time barely losing to the no's during election night, then pulled up past the no votes by a margin of 2 votes up until today. Some of the funding, according to AnchorageTomorrow include:

- Construct Facility Improvements with ADA access and other upgrades to existing bus stops and transit facilities ($207,000).

- Replace and upgrade data processing hardware to improve efficiency, accuracy, timeliness and inventory control ($30,000).

- Replace major bus components, acquire Smart Card fare boxes and upgrade operating systems ($101,000).

The Smart Card acquisition is an interesting one which I had not heard about till now. Besides the above, Prop 6 will also replace cardiac monitors on ambulences and fire trucks as replacement parts for current systems are no longer manufactured. BTW as noted by a reader in my previous entry, the rest of the bonds supplied by the Muni and school district took a beating by voters (except road bonds of course) including Prop 5 which involved funding to reconstruct the entrance of the main library.

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