Saturday, April 21, 2012

Forest mowed down for new arena

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A little over 14 acres of woods just east of Providence Hospital between the UAA and APU campuses was recently mowed down as prep work begins for the new UAA sports arena in East Anchorage. Surviving Governor Parnell's red pen last year, the project isn't without some controversey as the arena will surprisingly not have the ability to convert to a hockey rink for Seawolf hockey -- arguably the most visible and prominent sport among UAA Athletics. What it will have however is a seating capacity of 5,000 (pretty good considering the Sullivan fits a little over 6,000), a separate gym for the gymnastics program, admin/coaching offices, as well as locker and team rooms for just about every sport found in UAA (except hockey). The building will be 196,000 sq.ft. and cost a grand total of $109 million. Here's a video showing how the new arena is expected to look like.

area that has been cleared

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