Saturday, September 5, 2015

Former Covenant House location gets redo

at the corner of 6th and F
It's only now that I happen to be in the area of 6th and F, so I just thought I'd snap this photo of the remodeling of the former Covenant House location. The project is being undertaken by Pfeffer Development, the same company that is currently building a lowrise in midtown and recently completed a First National Bank branch in the U-Med district. Occupying the former youth homeless shelter will be a Steam Dot cafĂ©, a new restaurant called The Williwaw, and a revived Blues Central on the second floor. The only major thing Pfeffer really did to the building was add an elevator shaft to the east of the building. With the elevator, patrons will be able to dine on the roof. For those who are curious, the Covenant House moved out of the building a few years ago and moved to a new larger building in east downtown. The building was originally home to the YMCA as early as the 1950s. And yes, the Williwaw will be owned by the same force that owns Humpy's and Flattop. Not surprising considering its location. That section of downtown is really starting to become something. In related news, it may be safe to say Mark Pfeffer is counting on the building to receive many customers as plans are in the works to build a 16 story mixed-use tower on the 7th Avenue end of F Street. That project too is being developed by Pfeffer Development. But that's another story for later ;)

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