Saturday, March 12, 2016

Loussac Library remodel underway

current view on left, finished product on right
The much detested elevated entrance to the Loussac Library has finally been reduced to rubble. Those who followed closely may know that getting rid of the flawed entrance had long been a priority among the staff at the Loussac, as well as the Muni. Built in 1986 with the rest of the library, the flawed entrance consisted of steps the went up to the second level and led to a little plaza from which you can access the main entrance. Nevermind that it's kind of strange that the main entrance was on the second floor, what really earned it the disapproval of many was the danger it posed in the winter. With the steps constantly getting smothered in ice each winter, the library later added a canopy over the middle section of the stairway. But that too wasn't enough to reduce the hazard of the stairway. From my own personal memory, I recollect an incident several years ago when a youth sliding down the rail injured himself and had to go to the hospital. Replacing the elevated entrance will be a more traditional entry in which people simply cross the road and go to a ground level entrance. A cool looking glass facade for the exterior will greet incoming customers. Meanwhile from what I understand, extensive remodeling will be carried out inside the building as well (it could sure use it).

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