Sunday, June 7, 2015

Building by Pfeffer rises in Midtown

I reported on this early last year when the building didn't yet have a main tenant. Fast forward to today and the 6 story building being developed by Pfeffer Development will now be home to Kuukpik Corporation, a native corporation based out of the North Slope region. Groundbreaking started in October, but it is this summer that the steel is actually rising. What's great is that like Pfeffer's other projects, this building too will be placed up along the street making for easy sidewalk access. Both of Pfeffer's buildings on either side of the Kuukpik project already share that similar trait and so now we have 3 buildings on the south side of 36th Avenue reaching to the street with parking in the back. As it stands now, Kuukpik will occupy one floor of the building while the rest will be up for lease.

By the way, check out the model boat made from baleen that was presented to Mark Pfeffer during the groundbreaking ceremony. It's a trip~

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