Sunday, June 7, 2015

More bike lanes for Anchorage this summer

a sharrow on the road
This summer 3.75 miles of bike lanes will be added to the city's current total of 15 miles in order to fulfill the objectives of the 2010 Anchorage Bicycle Plan. More lanes will be added next summer. They actually started adding the lanes early last month on Arctic Boulevard in the area around Valley of the Moon Park. After seeing it, I have to say its quite impressive as the road not only has lines on the shoulder, but also 'sharrows' in the areas where there is no room for bike lanes and car and bike must share the road. On top of that, the sharrows aren't merely just painted on the road -- they're etched into the road. Last time I was on Arctic, construction crews had a lane closed just so they can dedicate the amount of time it takes to engrave each of the symbols. According to the Alaska Dispatch however, the current crop of lane projects this summer are only the more simpler designs, and more elaborate lanes will show up next year. I thought having sharrows, lines, and traffic signs was good enough for Anchorage, but apparently we'll be in store for more to come by this time next year. I should also note while I'm on the subject that 10th Avenue in Downtown is slated to become a "bicycle boulevard" complete with sharrows and back-in only parking. A timeline on that project hasn't been set yet.

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